Life in Bangalore can never get Monotonous

Manas Patil
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It is not the ‘soulless’ work culture — it is YOU.

Image by author (Bangalore): Moments before stepping into an evening music venue with a mic in my hand.

After living almost half a decade in Bangalore (or Bengaluru), I traveled to Vietnam for two weeks and then directly flew to Singapore, then Indonesia to stay a couple of months with my family.

Before long, I was obliged to fly to Bangalore. While it wasn’t a compulsion, there were a few things to attend to here. This time I stayed in the city no more than a month — and lived as if I was traveling the place.

Traveling so often, one of the first things I immediately realized was how Bangalore was more inclusive than any other place. Regardless of race, color, and religion — restaurants welcomed you as long as you walked with a smile and had some money at the tip of your bank’s UPI.

Even more so, there’s nothing you can’t find here for any sort of visitor. If you have the eyes for it, it is bound to exist in some alley.

Undoubtedly the city is one of India’s fastest metropolises growing in terms of development. But with an outsider’s POV, there is simply so much more to appreciate for the variety of people the city simply accepts.

Having a Tough Job has nothing to do with it

Image by author: Disappointing, but the non-alcoholic fruit juices we ordered cost us a fortune.

Now I’ve heard people talking about how life is so monotonous here. Work, unbearable traffic, sleep, and then repeat.

“There is no time for anything else!” they say. Now I’ve lived with some friends who have begun working. And trust me, it isn’t that life in Bangalore is dull — it’s them.

They love talking about all the things they would love to try, but they end up scrolling miles on social media platforms. Some end up in bars and others lie on their beds throughout weekends. I wonder why you don’t get time.

It isn’t bad to take a day off from the world, but don’t complain about it.

You are in Bangalore. If you wish to go-kart or try an open mic, the opportunities stand in your doorway.

Besides the extravagant activities, Bangalore holds a place for all sorts. Whether you wish to sit with a book in a reader’s cafe, have delicacies for street cheap rates, join a cyclist group, or shop at flea markets,

Even if you have a burnout with your favorite activities, there’s always more to explore. Whenever in Bangalore, I always end up in Truffles for a burger (or an Alfredo) but this time, I couldn’t bear the same cheese on my buds.

Having an afternoon free, I picked up the scooter and rode out to TeaVilla in Jayanagar. Expensive — but it was one of the best decisions I made!

The choice between the Fast-paced and Slow life

Image by author: This cozy place had ice cream stuffed buns. We were the last ones to order at 1 am.

It’s a METROPOLIS — there is no ‘slow’ here. Really?

I took a morning walk around Jayanagar in a park I found nearby. Later that day, I walked the same stretch underneath the cool shade of trees by the pavement for some errands. With nothing to hurry about, I walked into shop after shop, chitchatting with the keepers.

If anything, I’d say Bangalore is more comfortable than most places. Unless you’re the determined CEO of a startup or a large company, the pace of life depends on how you make it.

I’ve seen people dedicated to tightly scheduled activities throughout the month and others who sit, gossip and watch television the whole day.

If you’re busy apart from your work routine, isn’t it by choice? Be it peer pressure from friends or your need to get the ‘perfect’ outfit for an event, it is entirely by choice you ought to be busy.

I’m not asking you to choose your kurta faster, but it is simply your choice.

One can spend a couple of hours picking up groceries from the local supermarket. Others may use the BigBasket app to get it all delivered within 10 minutes for almost the same cost.

You can window shop MG Road, talk to the waiters, fire up conversations with Uber drivers, and bargain on Commercial Street whenever you want. When you’re done socializing — sit back at home and order dinner from Zomato. How easy can it get?

People here often oversee the little aspects and take things for granted. But Bangalore offers you that gift of choice. If you’re conscious about it, you’ll see how comfortable the city truly is.

Image by author: A dish we ordered at a fancy bar and we never learned how to pronounce it.

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